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 Adventure Unleashed

The world is more fun for everyone when you have a well-behaved, confident, and physically fit dog. Our goal at Adventure Unleashed is to help you and your dog achieve your personal bests and then give you opportunities for adventure!

For young puppies, start with Puppy Parkour, our version of puppy kindergarten. Puppies learn about the world in a safe and fun environment that will help them grow up into stable, confident adults! As they get older, try our Learning Through Recess class. This class is specifically designed for the adolescent dog and covers basic obedience skills along with activities that make learning and interacting with the world fun!

There are plenty of opportunities for the adult dog, too!  Tired, focused dogs are well-behaved dogs. Dog Parkour provides dogs of all ages with a physical and mental challenge. Dogs learn to interact with the outdoor environment through climbing, balancing, jumping, and going under obstacles.

Build your dog’s strength and coordination and prevent injuries in our Dog Fitness class. This class is perfect for the canine athlete or older dog.

Test our your skills and strategy in our Dog Camp Games class. Each week we play a different game from dog camp.

Looking for an adventure with your dog? Join us for a Dog Hike with Adventure Skills or teach your dog to come when called at our Recall Workshop. And be sure to keep an eye out for Dog Trips and Dog Camps!

We are extremely happy to partner with Behavior Unleashed to offer Day Training on Tuesdays. We know that there is never enough time for everything; you want to make sure your dog is well behaved and has fun even while you're working. Day Training is the solution! We’ll train your dog while you are gone, and he’ll even have time to play with safe dog friends.

Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience

 Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience utilizes science based dog training in a supportive environment to develop and practice teaching and leadership skills.
  It is an overnight camp for  4-H members age 13-18 and their dogs.  For more information visit

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