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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Dog Parkour (Urban Agility) 

Dog parkour combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike. Dogs get introduced to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing on, going over, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in their everyday world.

Parkour can be done anywhere and is limited only by one’s imagination. Dog Parkour helps with confidence and overcoming fears, and it is a low impact but challenging activity for any canine athlete. With this class, we hope to introduce you to a new way to explore your world and enjoy your dog. Dog Parkour is a NEW titling dog sport, so if you are looking for a new sport to try with your dog be sure to join in on the fun. More information about dog parkour can be found at International Dog Parkour Association. 

In this class we play on and explore a variety of objects that we find in the environment. Class meets at a different park each week.  Class is a great physical and mental outlet for the energetic family pet , agility dogs looking for a new challenge, dogs looking for a sports foundation, or anyone looking to have fun and try something new! 

Confidence: Dog parkour can help your dog build confidence in a variety of environments in a very fun way! Build reliable behaviors to combat scary or uncomfortable places for your dog. Even the vet's office is fun when you can climb on the waiting room chairs! 

Focus: Learn how to go from low stimulation areas to highly distracting places with a dog that knows his job (and loves it!) 

Relationship: Parkour requires an active handler! You'll learn spotting techniques to keep your dog safe and your dog will learn to trust you if he slips. 

Creativity: Agility equipment has one use and one use only. Learn to see the world in a different way, one full of parkour possibilities! A regular old park bench can become an over, under, balance or through! 

Required Equipment: Harness, front clip harness or buckle collar, 4-6 foot leash, lots of soft, small, high value treats. Cost is $100 for six weeks. Preregistration required. Class is held at parks in the area. During the winter this class is held indoors as a skills-based class.