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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Fetch! Put your toys away! Tell me a secret! Now TAKE A BOW!  Teaching your dog tricks isn’t only about showing off some neat party tricks (though, that’s always impressive!).

This class will help you learn something new while strengthening your relationship with your dog and increasing your repertoire. By using clicker training techniques, we will capture and shape behaviors that are 

cute, funny, and creative!  Bring ideas, a foundation of clicker training, and your imagination!  Tricks Class has an open curriculum, so you can teach your dog whatever you want.  Sky is the limit!

All skills levels are welcome.  Tools needed: dog on a leash with a buckle collar or harness. No flexi leads or choke chains.  Age 4 months and older with basic knowledge of training and working with their handler.