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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Do you wish your dog would stop jumping, pulling, barking, stealing food or just generally misbehaving? There is no need to live with problem behaviors any longer, we can help your pet become the best companion possible. Private Coaching Sessions allow you the flexibility of working on what you want, at a time convenient for you, with 1-on-1 individual attention. Each lesson is tailored to you and your dog, and is designed to help you make progress as quickly as possible. Private lessons can be held at our building in Reynoldsburg, at your house or at the park. We'll start by discussing your problems and goals and then teach you and your dogs the management techniques and skills to help your dog become the best companion possible. 

Our trainers are extremely experienced and as such can help with ANY training goal. Topics covered in private lessons can include: basic manners (jumping, stealing food, not listening, lack of focus, etc), digging, barking, house training, mild to moderate people or dog reactivity, mild to moderate fear, mild aggression, dog sports, and more.  Find an available time and sign-up for private lessons here.

If you are having trouble with aggression towards children, bites that have broken skin, separation anxiety, moderate to severe fear, anxiety or reactivity or noise phobias we can still help. However do to the severity and complexity of these problems a Veterinary Behavior Consultation will be the appropriate place to start. 

We have a variety of packages available to fit your needs. We'll start with an initial consultation/ lesson in which we'll discuss your training goals, begin the foundation skills needed to successfully reach your goals and determine which package is best for you and your dog. All lessons are an hour long and for one dog unless otherwise noted. All private lesson packages are nonrefundable and expire 6 months from the time of purchase.

Initial consultation/ lesson at our building: $70
3 sessions at our building- $175
5 sessions at our building- $290
7 sessions at our building- $400

Initial In Home consultation/ Lesson: $85
3 In home sessions- $200
5 In home sessions- $325
7 In home sessions- $450

Park Private lessons
An initial consult is required before purchasing this package. These lessons are 30 minutes long and are for working on human or dog reactivity or loose leash walking. This park package is only valid for certain parks, as chosen by the instructor. 
5 thirty minute park sessions: $185

Semi-Private Lessons: 
Semi-Private lessons are a great option if you have multiple dogs that you would like to train. These lessons are only available for basic obedience, and instructor's permission is required. Dogs that are struggling with fear, aggression, reactivity, or resource guarding must schedule individual lessons. 
Semi-private lessons are $50 a dog

Initial In Home consultation/ Lesson: $85
3 In home sessions- $200
5 In home sessions- $325
7 In home sessions- $450

In home lessons are are offered on a limited basis. Typically we are only able to serve clients that live within 20 minutes of Reynoldsburg, Downtown Columbus, or Upper Arlington. If you are interested in scheduling an in home lesson email us . 

Find an available time and sign-up for private lessons here.