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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Veterinary Behavior Consultation are for dogs and cats with moderate to severe behavior issues. These issues may include fear, anxiety, aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, house soiling, litter box issues and more. Dogs that have shown aggression towards children, have had multiple bites that broke skin, or have had a bite that led to an emergency room visit must be seen as a Veterinary Behavior Consultation.

These appointments are led by Dr. Abigail Curtis who is a licensed veterinarian with extensive training in behavior. Her unique combination of qualifications allows her to diagnose and treat behavior problems that are not responsive to normal training. She does this through behavior modification exercises and -if required- pharmaceutical support.

Veterinary Behavior Consults consist of an initial appointments and two follow up lessons. The initial consult is 1 1/2 - 2 hours in length and come with a detailed evaluation of the dog's medical and behavioral history, a treatment plan, and 6-months of phone and e-mail follow-up. Follow up lessons are 45 minutes in length and will be held at approximately 2 months and 5 months after the initial consultation. Cost is $400 for a consultation at the building. 

For legal reasons, all Veterinary Behavior Consultations are done through Behavior Unleashed.