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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Manners 101 

A well mannered dog has more fun in life. We can help you teach your dog the skills he needs to be the happy, well behaved companion you have always wanted. This class is designed for dogs at least 4 months of age at the start of class.

Self Control: Does your dog leap on people, steal food, or dart through doors? Many behavior problems we see are due to a lack of self control. You'll learn exercises to teach your dog how to think about their actions and make good choices. We'll also work on polite greetings, waits at a door, relaxing on a mat and leaving food alone.

Focus: Does your dog ignore you when you call him, or only pay attention in the quietest room of the house? In this class we will teach the dogs that it is their job to pay attention to you! No need to compete for attention and no need for punishment if they don't pay attention. 

Obedience: A good foundation in basic obedience sets your dog up to be an active companion, sports dog, therapy dog or just an awesome pet! We will cover sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, waits at doors, leave it and more. We'll skip the more formal obedience skills that are no use in the average pets life. This means you'll have more time spent learning skills that will make your dog a well-behaved member of the family.

Precision Teaching:  A good dog trainer can do more than just train the four legged end of the leash. You are the one living with your dog, so clearly delivering the training information to you is of utmost importance to us. The instructors of this class hold the prestigious TAGteach Level 2 certification so you know you are getting the best teaching possible. We have developed our unique curriculum and resources to target ALL learning styles. 

Homework: Training a dog requires practice and consistency, so we do our best to help you teach your dog at home. You will also have exclusive access to our growing collection of dog training videos so you can see exactly what these exercises look like.

Fun: Training doesn't have to be boring! Each week will incorporate a fun activity in order to increase your dog's focus and teach him to love to learn. 

Cost is $135 for one dog. Class meets every week for 6 weeks, the first week is a mandatory orientation with people only. Dogs in class must be able to work with other people and dogs around. If you are experiencing barking, lunging or growling when other dogs or people are around please sign up for private lessons. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and vaccinations must be given by a veterinarian. Register for class here.