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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Puppy Sports

Adventure Unleashed firmly believes that dogs learn best when both the human and the dog are having fun.  Puppy Sports is for puppies age 8 weeks- 1 year. This class is perfect for the active puppy and owner who are considering training for a dog sport such as agility, obedience, flyball , or who have an active puppy that needs an outlet for his energy.

Socialization: Puppies are quick to learn that the world is a fun place! In this class your puppy will learn all about novel surfaces and objects, the noises encountered at dog trials, and how to be polite when working around other active dogs. We'll introduce your puppy to tunnels, contact obstacles, moving objects, noisy items and more!

Focus: Rock solid focus in the face of distractions is imperative in the competitive dog. In this class we will teach the dogs that it is their job to pay attention to you! No need to beg for attention and no need for punishment if they don't pay attention. 

Drive and Impulse Control: Through specific exercises, your puppy will learn to absolutely LOVE working for food, toys, and YOU. You'll learn not only how to teach and utilize secondary and conditioned reinforcers, but also how to harness all of this wonderful drive into the impulse control that is so critical to success in dog sports.

Obedience: We won't slack on the basic obedience skills either, we'll just incorporate them into our sports training. Your puppy will learn to wait, ignore distractions and food, and relax quietly on a mat between turns.

Precision Teaching:  A good dog trainer can do more than just train the four legged end of the leash. You are the one living with your dog, so clearly delivering the training information to you is of utmost importance to us. The instructors of this class hold the prestigious TAGteach Level 2 certification so you know you are getting the best teaching possible. We have developed our unique curriculum and resources to target ALL learning styles.

Class is designed for dogs who are 8 weeks- 1 year old at the start of class. Cost is $100 for six weeks.  

 Puppies must be up to date on all age appropriate vaccines.  They must have at least one round of vaccinations that are given by a licensed veterinarian along with an exam at least one week prior to coming to class. Puppies need to be in their current home for at least 7 days before attending class. For the safety of all dogs attending our facility, vaccinations given by the breeder or owner will not be accepted.