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6475 East Main St #117 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Puppy Day School

We know puppies are hard work, and we'd like to help make raising a well-behaved dog easier with our Puppy Day School program! We will do the hard work, and you can enjoy the results. You'll get to enjoy evenings with a tired puppy who has had professional training and is on the path to becoming a beloved member of the family.

Fun at Puppy Day School

Your puppy will spend two or four days a week with us in a perfect alternative to daycare. Puppies are supervised by a veterinarian and a professional dog trainer who are experts in puppy development and positive reinforcement based training. This ensures that puppies have a safe, clean, puppy-friendly environment where they can learn and play.

Professional trainers will take your dog through our custom-designed, puppy-specific curriculum. You'll get updates when you pick up your puppy so you'll know what to work on at home. Select adult dogs will be allowed to enroll in the program to provide puppies with socialization opportunities with stable, puppy-friendly adult dogs. Contact us to schedule your Puppy Day School evaluation or register here.

Puppy Day School Includes:

  • Socialization is key for young puppies. We'll introduce your puppy to new dogs, sounds, textures, and people in a safe, and positive manner. 

  • A training session working on skills and behaviors in our curriculum such as leash manners, polite greetings, focusing on you with other dogs around, sit, down, stay, matwork, coming when called and more! Each puppy will receive his own custom designed curriculum to make sure our training meets your goals!

  • Supervised play time. Playtime with other dogs appropriate for your dog depending on your dog’s preferences. Puppy Day School is the best way to improve your dogs play skills with other dogs.

  • Nap time. A whole morning of playing and training is too much for almost every dog. Nap time ensures your dog has the best experience possible.

  • Discussion of skills worked on when you pick up your dog‚Äč.

  • A Private lesson with you and your puppy to for you to learn what puppy has been learning! This is a 30 minute lesson per 4 week session and is designed to update your training skills and have one-on-one time with the trainers at Adventure Unleashed.

Puppy Day School is an all day program exclusively for puppies. Puppies under 5 month are given priority admission into the program. If your puppy is between 5 months and 1 year contact us to determine if your puppy is eligible for school. All puppies must schedule a Puppy Day School Evaluation before enrolling in the program.

The program is held Monday through Thursdays. Puppies may enroll in school on Tuesdays/ Thursdays, Mondays/ Wednesdays or all four days. The school day runs from 8:30am-4:30pm with drop off between 7:00-8:30am and pick up between 4:30-6pm. We never enroll more than 5 day school puppies per instructor in order to ensure each puppy gets the individual attention they need. Make up days due to vacation must be preapproved before the session begins.

Tuition includes: 4 weeks of twice a week day school, and a 30 minute private lesson with you and your puppy to ensure the training we are doing carries over to your house.

Puppies who have not attended classes with us MUST undergo a 30 minute evaluation to ensure that their puppy is safe for Puppy Day School and this is a good fit for their needs. Tuition starts at $500 for 4 weeks of twice a week school with one transfer session at our building. Visit Columbus Puppy School for additional program options.

Contact us to schedule your Puppy Day School evaluation or register here.

All puppies enrolled in Puppy Day School must be up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, the first set of vaccinations must be given at least a week before attending class. Vaccinations and an exam must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Vaccinations given by a breeder or owner will not be accepted. Puppies need to have spent at least 7 days in their current house before attending school.