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We offer a variety of group classes to help you learn to train your dog. We pride ourselves in keeping class sizes very small (between 3-6 dogs) so that your dog is set up for success and you get individualized attention from a qualified instructor.

We also try to keep lecture time to a minimum so you and your dog get the most benefit out of class. Each class is different, but typically you can expect to work on 4-5 different exercises each week and be given 1-2 pieces of homework to work on during the week. We expect our group training student to dedicate 5-10 minutes twice a day to training their puppy.

Most classes are 50 minutes long and last for 6 consecutive weeks (unless otherwise noted).

Six week long classes cost $150 for all 6 weeks. Shorter classes are priced accordingly.

Are you looking for your puppy to learn and socialize while you work? Check out Puppy Day School.

Group Classes

Puppy Preschool
  • Offered on Wednesday evenings.

  • Rolling enrollment so you can start right away!

  • For puppies 8wks-16 weeks at the time of enrollment

  • Puppies will learn developmentally appropriate skills including:

    • Socialization around people​ and dogs

    • Socialization and confidence on a wide variety of surfaces

    • Sit and Down

    • Coming when called

    • How to focus around distractions

    • Basic self control around food

    • Problem prevention and management (housetraining, mouthing, chewing, resource guarding, crate training, etc.)

Get off on the right paw with your new puppy!

Puppy Manners
  • Offered on Wednesday evenings

  • For puppies over 16 weeks of age but under one year at time of enrollment

  • Puppies will learn basic manners training including:

    • Focus around distractions

    • Relax on a mat

    • Sit and down

    • Coming when called

    • Self control around food

    • Loose leash walking

    • Stay

  • Enrollment is limited to 6 dogs so you get plenty of individualized attention!​​​​

Train that wild teenage puppy to mind his manners! 

Build your bond and share an activity you both enjoy.

Sports and Fun
  • Workshops and classes offered on weeknights and weekends

  • For dogs over 16 weeks of age

  • These are a great way to build your bond with your puppy and give them the mental and physical enrichment to leave them tired, content, and well-behaved.

  • Please email for more details and to get on the wait list! These classes often fill extremely fast.

  • Classes offered include:

    • Rally

    • Flyball

    • Nosework

    • Parkour (Urban Agility)

    • Puppy Sports Foundation

    • Agility Foundation

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