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An athetic agility dog performs the weave poles on a grass surface.

Puppy Sports School

Get that puppy athlete started in sports!

We specialize in drive building, age-appropriate foundation behaviors, and skill building to allow your puppy to excel in any sport! This program is especially well-suited to puppies who plan to compete in sports such as agility, flyball, disc, and dock diving. We tailor the program to your particular sports of interest!

Puppy Day School

Private school for your puppy!

Puppies spend the day with us playing with friends and learning manners. You get to take home a tired pup who is well on her way to a lifetime of good behavior. No more guilt because you are too tired for a long evening walk.

A young poodle puppy walks in heel at a dog trainer's side. They are  on a walking path and the puppy is looking up at the trainer.
Group classes.jpg

Group Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes including; puppy preschool, puppy sports foundations, agility foundations, drive building, flyball, nosework, and rally obedience classes! We have highly qualified instructors with small class sizes (max of 6) so you get plenty of individual attention.

Branch Campus

Rent our second location where you and your dog can enjoy private access to 78 acres of fully fenced woods and over 4 miles of trails near Gratiot, Ohio.

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Our newsletter has training tips as well as keeps you up-to-date on our offerings.

Now Offering Foundation


Jump start sports foundation with an intensive program for puppies under 4 months.

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