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Adventure Unleashed is central Ohio's premier facility for training dogs to be well-behaved companions.


We know dogs can be exhausting and stressful, which is why we are here to help! Stop worrying if you are meeting your dog's needs and start just enjoying your dog!

Our training clients want the best for their canine companions. They see their dog as a member of their family and would like a dog who is welcome, well-behaved, polite, and friendly anywhere they go instead of a dog who must be shut away due to unruly behavior such as jumping, mouthing, biting, barking, or running away. Our variety of program choices means we have something to fit many budgets and busy schedules.

We are staffed by a veterinarian and certified professional dog trainers to ensure your dog gets the care and training they deserve. We pride ourselves on training with dog-friendly methods that do not use fear, pain, or intimidation.

We also offer a variety of sports and fun classes to keep adult dogs and graduates of our puppy programs learning and enriched! These are great if you are looking to build your bond with your dog.

Getting started with us is as simple as filling out a registration form for a class or an evaluation. If you aren't sure where to start, feel free to contact us!

Puppy Day School

Private school for your puppy!

Puppies spend the day with us playing with friends and learning manners. You get to take home a tired pup who is well on her way to a lifetime of good behavior. No more guilt because you are too tired for a long evening walk.

Graduate School

Maintain manners and learn new things!

For graduates of Puppy Day School, this program offers all the same fun they are accustomed to, but tailored towards the adult dog. They get play with friends, sessions to remember their manners, and individualized training in sports or enrichment activities like agility, nosework, flyball, tricks, or parkour.

Group Classes

An economical way to get the help you need.

We keep class sizes small (4-6 dogs) so you get individualized attention. We have puppy classes, basic manners and sports such as flyball, dog parkour, nosework and agility!

Puppy Sports School

Get that athlete a great foundation for sports!

We specialize in drive building and teaching the foundation skills to allow your puppy to excel in any sport! 

Sign up for a puppy evaluation to get started!


Our newsletter has training tips as well as keeps you up-to-date on our offerings.

Now Offering Socialization Camp!

Age appropriate adventures to create confident, social dogs.

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