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Adventure Unleashed Branch Campus

Branch Campus rentals are now available! Bring your dog and enjoy private access to 78 acres of fully fenced woods with over 3 miles of trails near Gratiot, Ohio. Enjoy a relaxing hike and avoid the stress of a public dog park.

As this is a private dog park, only the registered group will be on site.  In order to ensure safety and good experience of those attending, one person per group must have attended orientation, either in person or online.  Everyone must have a signed waiver on file. Due to the large presence of wildlife, all dogs must be fully vaccinated or have current titers. We must have vaccine records on file.

You can register for orientation here:

At the end of orientation, you will be redirected to the registration page. There are also questions throughout orientation that you must answer in order to rent the private dog park.

Safety equipment such a bear bells, visibility vests, and bug spray are available to borrow. Garmin GPS collars are available to rent and there are treats available for purchase if needed.

Please print out a copy of the map or save it on your phone, as paper copies are not available at Branch Campus.

The cost of rental is on a per hour basis, it is $15 for 1-5 dogs, $25 for 6-10 dogs and $35 for 11-20.

Our goal for Branch Campus is for it to be a safe, fun park for both humans and dogs to enjoy. We expect that dogs, humans, and the property be treated with kindness and respect and in a way that encourages Branch Campus to be a peaceful, enjoyable place. Anyone that is found being hard or unkind to dogs, other humans, or the property will no longer be welcome at Branch Campus.

Paid lessons, dog walking or paid dog training are NOT permitted during rentals. Rentals are for personal use only.

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