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Puppy Sports School

What do puppies do at school?
Watch to find out!

Do you have a puppy who wants to play sports like agility or flyball? This program will get you started on the right path and can even teach your puppy all of the skills they will need to know!


Like our extremely popular Puppy Day School program, puppies will spend Tuesdays and Thursdays with us for socialization and training. However, this program is tailored for the future athlete and includes things like: drive building, toy skills, body awareness, crating, marker cues, socialization, confidence and more! If they stay in the program, as they get older, they will even learn the sport specific skills for your sport of choice! This can include skills like agility obstacles, weave poles, and flyball box turns.

At Puppy Sports School, your puppy will spend their day learning and playing, they will receive one on one instruction from our highly experienced trainers and will learn foundation skills needed to help them grow up to become a successful athlete, and well rounded, confident dog.

Our custom curriculum is designed to bring out the best in every puppy! Because the first few months of development are so crucial, we are currently only accepting dogs 6 months and under into our Puppy Sports School program. Older dogs who are attending group classes or private lessons may enroll with instructor permission. Once enrolled, puppies may remain in sports school until they are meeting their competition goals!

Interested in enrolling?

Sign-up for a puppy evaluation and we can get you started on the right path!


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