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Dog Sports

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This fast paced relay race is great for dogs that love balls or toys and are friendly around other dogs. In this relay race, there are 4 dogs on a team, dogs go over 4 jumps, get a ball off a box and then return over 4 jumps. The fastest team wins! This class will prepare you for team practice with Shenanigans Unleashed, Columbus’ only flyball team.


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Learn from the founders of the sport of Dog Parkour! This is a non-competitive sport where your dog learns to jump, climb, balance, and navigate obstacles found in the environment. Great for building confidence, focus, and body awareness!

Dog Parkour

Carl Weaves.jpg

Do you have dreams of your dog jumping, weaving, dashing through tunnels, and tipping the teeter totter? Dog agility is a great place for you! Our experienced instructor will give you and your dog the skills and confidence to navigate around the agility course. These classes are great for those dogs who need an energy outlet! 


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