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Dog Agility

We have partnered with IncrediPAWS Dog Agility to offer a great set of foundation classes to get both you and your dog started in the sport of dog agility! We've worked together to create a curriculum that will be sure you both learn the skills you need to be successful.


Start your agility puppy off on the right paw!

Puppy Agility Foundations

This class starts from the beginning and builds the skills puppies need to be successful in any sport, but has a specific emphasis on agility specific skills. Class covers confidence, focus, toy play, communication skills, body awareness, and more.

No previous sports experience is required. Puppies must be 12 weeks-12 months old and able to work around people and dogs to attend this class.

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Build your bond and share an activity you both enjoy.

Beginner Agility Foundations

This is an introductory class for dogs over 12 months old. It is designed to introduce dogs to the world of agility with confidence and enthusiasm. Dogs must be friendly and able to work around people and other dogs in order to participate in the class.

Taught by either Karin or Abigail.

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Learn how to tell your dog where they are going on course!

Novice A Agility

Our Novice A Agility Class is designed for handlers who have no previous agility experience. To enroll, handlers must have already taken our foundation classes at Adventure Unleashed. This class is perfect for those who are just starting out and want to learn more about agility and how to handle their dog safely and effectively.

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Get a faster, more focused dog!

Speed and Drive

This class is the perfect way to take your dog's performance to the next level. We will teach your dog to become faster, more focused, and better able to perform precise tasks while in higher arousal states. Dogs must have some interest in toys, and should be non-reactive. It is non-sport specific so perfect for dogs in agility, dock diving, disc, or flyball.

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