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We (and Ellie!) love Adventure Unleashed. Abigail and Karin are very patient, excellent trainers. They've really helped our puppy come out of her shell. We're still working on helping Ellie be less fearful of strangers and children, but I have no doubt she's in the right hands with Abigail and Karin. So happy we found you!!

-Susan (Ellie's Mom)

Adventure Unleashed and Abigail Curtis are the best! Our puppy Quincy has been there since she was just over 8 weeks old. What a blessing this organization is to dog owners everywhere! Highly recommend.

Natalie (Quincy's Mom)

Thanks to you and your excellent training I Took Ruby to vets this morning she walked in and behaved like a show dog in the lobby with 2 Dobermans and a terrier and two cats - didn't even pay attention to them 

Susan (Ruby's Mom)

"I enrolled my 4 month old yellow lab puppy in their puppy day school program and it was PHENOMENAL!!! He was afraid of other dogs and of some noises (trash truck, construction trucks, etc). They slowly introduced him to a puppy and the next thing I knew he was playing with ALL the puppies, having a great time, learning to be a dog. They helped him come out of his shell and he's much more confident. Fantastic trainers!"

Haley (Jarvis' Mom)

I can't rave enough about you guys. I tell everyone with new puppies to take them to you, to invest in their future. Panda is exceedingly well behaved in public, the best mannered dog in greetings I have ever owned. Last night, he greeted employees, children, adults, and dogs like a pro - no jumping, no bowling over, no wriggling all over like a furry lunatic.

Susan (Panda's Mom)

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