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Puppy Day School Financial Aid!

This is a program that we are really excited about! Oftentimes a large barrier to proper education and training of our canine companions is cost. We have been tossing around how to address this inequity for a while now and have finalized the details of our financial aid program! This program is offered on a limited basis as our finances allow.

How it works:

-This program is for puppy owners who desire high quality, positive reinforcement based training but for whom the cost of this training makes this difficult to impossible to obtain.

-Owners will apply for financial aid, contact us for the application form.

-Owners with puppies who appear to meet the requirements for school will do a short zoom eval to further discuss goals, expectations, and early problem identification and management.

-If selected, Adventure Unleashed will subsidize up to half of the cost of a month of Puppy Day School.

-The puppy will attend school just as any other puppy would. Enrollment in the program is strictly confidential unless the owner indicates other wishes.

Who is eligible:

-Puppies under 4 months of age

-Puppies must be up-to-date on age appropriate vaccinations given by a veterinarian. Breeder given vaccines are NOT accepted.

-Owners who have financial concerns that make the cost of Puppy Day School difficult or impossible

-Owners who are dedicated to working with their puppy outside of school hours to help them grow into the best dog they can be!

-Owners who can consistently bring their puppy for Tuesday and Thursday school days with drop-off between 7-8:30 and pick-up 4:30-6.

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