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Private Training

At this time private lessons are only available for Puppy Day School Students.

Does the thought of bringing your dog to a group class conjure up feelings of embarrassment and frustration?

Do you want to be sure that your trainer has plenty of time to address your specific concerns and ensure the recommendations will work for your lifestyle?

Would you like one of our trainers to give your dog a quick "jumpstart" on the behaviors we are going to train and then provide you individual feedback to ensure you progress as quickly as possible?

A private lesson is a great training solution for many dog owners! We'll come to your home, discuss what problems you are having, and develop a training plan right there to help you. Our plans are often a combination of management (preventing the behavior from happening again) and training (teaching your dog to listen) so you get relief from your problems as soon as possible.

Email us for pricing and scheduling availability. 

Ellie the doodle practicing her sit stay
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