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Sports and Fun

Do you have a high energy dog that you just can’t get enough exercise? Dog sports are a great way to improve focus, have fun and tire out even the most high energy companion! Come have fun with your dog, improve your training, and strengthen your bond by trying at least one of our different dogs sports classes.

This fast paced relay race is great for dogs that love balls or toys and are friendly around other dogs. In this relay race, there are 4 dogs on a team, dogs go over 4 jumps, get a ball off a box and then return over 4 jumps. The fastest team who runs clean wins! In flyball class you’ll learn the basics of the sport, going over jumps, box turns, ball retrieves and more. This class will prepare you for team practice with Shenanigans Unleashed, Columbus’ only flyball team.


*Not offered at this time* Do you have dreams of your dog jumping, weaving, dashing through tunnels, and tipping the teeter totter? Dog agility is a great place for you! Our experienced instructor will give you and your dog the skills and confidence to navigate around the agility course. These classes are great for those dogs who need an energy outlet! 

Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour is a NEW sport in which dogs learn to interact with the world around them through climbing, jumping, going over, under and around objects. It is a creative sport that can be done anywhere and is a great option for dogs living in an urban environment. Both indoor and outdoor classes are offered. You’ll be learning from the most experienced dog parkour instructors who can prepare you for earning titles in dog parkour!


Nosework is the perfect sport for dogs who LOVE to smell everything. You’ll learn how to teach your dog to harness the power of their incredible noses. In this class dogs will learn to search for and identify different scents, starting with birch.


*Not offered at this time* Teach your dog the skills, focus, and precision required to excel in competitive obedience. These classes are designed for students who are interested in competing in Rally-O or Obedience. We are the only facility in Central Ohio that offers competitive obedience classes taught only with dog friendly methods.

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